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full name rose isabella katherine howard date of birth december 3, 1504 date of turning march 22, 1535 (age 31) place of birth kent, england residence seventh hollow, WA (properties in essex, england; paris, france; new york, ny) occupation owner of isadora industries (multinational conglomerate) race vampire

An arranged marriage was commonplace for those of nobility living in 1400's England. Following expectation and what was best for reputation for a family name often outweighed any frivolous desires or selfish wants. For one Charles Howard, marriage was an expectation that he'd known to prepare himself for since he was small. As heir to the Earldom of Kent, he was betrothed to a noblewoman from Spain, an arrangement that had been put together with the consent of the then-King. He married Isabella when he was just twenty, and together the two would go on to have seven children. Charles inherited the title from his elder brother died childless, putting all land (and debts) in his name. Though their marriage had been arranged, the pair grew to genuinely love and respect one another. They worked hard to keep the family name high in regards to the court and the Vatican alike, which meant selling off much of their land and arranging advantageous marriages for their children.

The tail end of seven children came Rose, a tiny thing who was born too early and with complications. Though her mother survived childbirth, she never completely recovered. She died when Rose was just three, from a fever that came with a miscarriage. Some might have said that Charles never quite forgave his youngest child, though others might pass that off as nonsense, as a child could have no fault in that situation. Even still, the absence of her mother and distance of her father shaped much of who Rose grew to be in her childhood. Thankfully, her older brothers and sisters were doting and loving, picking up the slack from their father who began to drink heavily. One by one, they reached ages that took them off to schooling or to live amongst families they would later become a part of. Such was the way, until it was just Rose and her father living at their estate in Kent. The staff of their home was not enough, and Charles in what wisdom he had left, knew that she would not be properly prepared to enter court. At the age of ten, she was sent to live France, where she would be educated and serve under the would-be Queen of France.

Rose took to court like a fish to water. She learned quickly and enjoyed the elegance of her peers. It was at French court that she would meet a woman who would become her life-long friend ... or at least as long as life would give the two of them. There was nothing notorious to a young Anne Boleyn, a woman three years her senior and fascinating to the young Rose. She'd never met someone so vibrant and willful as herself, but in Anne, she was well matched step for step. Over the course of their friendship, Rose and Anne would exchange letters when they were apart, which ultimately brought forth a letter explaining that Anne was expecting to marry the King, and wanted Rose to come be a part of her court. Knowing that she was just a very short couple of years from having to fulfill the marriage arrangement her father had set for her, Rose immediately jumped at the chance to join her friend.

It would be her experience at both French and English court that shaped Rose into a woman of fine tastes and elitist sensibilities. She became a close confidante of the queen, closer than most due to their longtime friendship. Being so close to the royal family gave her certain privileges, which included breaking her engagement (he was balding and constantly smelled of sausage) with very little consequence. Untouchable would be the word best used to describe the feeling of her years spent at English court, at least until things took a very distinct nosedive. Rose stayed very loyal to Anne, until her friend told her in no uncertain way: get out. Self-preservation was not something that Rose lacked, even though she knew in her heart that she was leaving her friend to die. She made promises, bribed a guard, and took a horse to ride east through the night. She spent weeks on the road, unsure who she could trust. Rose honestly wasn't sure if she would be implicated in any of the lies that entrapped her friend, and even when word came that the Queen had been beheaded, she continued further. Rose eventually ended up going to her mother's family in Spain, taking refuge with them for years.

It was during her time in Spain that she met a man who so easily enthralled her. Rose found herself wanting to spend more and more time with him, so enraptured in the world he was offering her. He was all about poetry and art, and brought out the best (and worst) of her. She thought he was joking when he offered her immortality, some sort of poetic nonsense ... but the man opened up her world beyond any wildest dreams she ever could have had. Her transition from living to living differently took some major adjustments, but what it heightened in her felt like its own awakening. Her personality traits seemed amplified, for better or for worse, with a superiority complex that went far, far beyond even that which she'd had when she was part of a royal court.

A rebirth was never something Rose could have possibly imagined, and yet gave her a new beginning. The years that followed saw Rose cycling through many a different persona. She was able to even be different people and find out what was important to her whims at any given time. Whether her life brought her to a battlefield, fighting (and reaping the rewards of so much death, naturally) alongside the descendant of her dearest friend or killing her way through a high society club, Rose always kept with more refined tastes. One could call the woman elitist with the company she kept, and even more so with the lovers she took over the years. The power that she gained in her new life gave her a feeling of invincibility that carried her through her days and years, decades and centuries. She could move to a new city in the world and discover the beauty of the place, reinvent herself and then move onto discover a whole different place.

In the centuries Rose has been "alive", she's traveled the world several times over. She'd always been very smart with fortunes that were left to her from her family and its descendants, and eventually invested her money into forming a company. Her company took on many shapes and interests over the years, but in the early 1920's, she was able to get a board together to create a company in her name. Rose had very little interest in running the day-to-day, and was perfectly fine with cherry picking people to run and grow her company. In the years since, it's grown into a multi-national conglomerate highly focused on technology. She makes sure to get to her London offices at least twice a year, just to put in a little face time and make sure nobody is completely screwing up her company (and her good name).

Rose settled in Seventh Hollow in 2009, when she bought a home in the town that felt very (oddly) like home to her. The quiet town suits her well for this point in time of her life, though knowing her history, it's really only a matter of a couple decades before she moves onto somewhere else.

random facts

» though she holds a majority of her company's shares, she has given up daily operating and control to a board of carefully selected individuals who run it in her stead. her company's headquarters remain in london, england.

» speaks several languages including: spanish, french, italian, russian, german.

» has managed to hold onto a collection of precious stones and jewelry passed down to her from her mother.